Telehealth care allows the therapist to care for their clients remotely. The worry of babysitting, freeway traffic, and missing work is no longer an issue. The therapist has the ability to provide care at any time it is convenient to their client. Let's get started!  Please be advised our service is HIPAA compliant.  

We provide care to diverse populations.


  It  is not unusual for people to go through their entire life and never get  the help they need for real life problems that can be changed because of stigma related to counseling. I want everyone I work with to know I offer a  judgement free zone and work with everyone with respect and empathy.  As  a mental health professional I offer evidence based classes that teach  new skills to help make required changes for your personal growth and  happiness.   



Group counseling work because it reduces isolation and promote a sense of universal development. It provides a safe place to talk about things and share experiences with people that have personal experiences and feeling similar to yours. It is good to talk to others that share some of the same issues you have. But when you ignore the need to handle the stresses in your life, it can become chronic and before you know it the ability to function is taken away from you because you are consumed, and do not know how to get your life back.  

Parenting is the most important job we will ever have, so let's work on methods to interact and engage with our children in positive ways.


 Parenting  classes are structured educational group sessions to help parents  increase their children's chance for a happy healthy life. The group counseling help to master basics, learn how to engage, and gain confidence  to realize parenting is the most important job you will ever have.  



Many of the symptoms associated with anger are heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, fear, and tingling. I will work to educate individual's to help them overcome their symptoms and help you meet court requirements.